SMFPRO 821-2 T
Professional and unparalleled

SMF also caters to coffee professionals, dedicating a machine also dedicated to coffee roasters who want a machine suited to the characteristics of their company.

Choose the brewing group to mount and keep the same design. SMFPRO 821-2 T is fully customizable and you can create the perfect combination!


SMFPRO 821-2 T is fully customizable.
You can choose the colors of the side and back panels. You can add your company logo laser engraved or screen printed.


Hot water and professional steam generated by a high-performance 316L stainless steel boiler. Satin stainless steel bodywork.

Let's explore the features

  • Let's explore the features: 2 Lt – powwer 1300 watt
  • Service boiler with tap for possible water drainage
  • 2 coffee groups with 2 heat exchangers with 1150 watt resistance
  • Italian wiring
  • N ° 3 solenoid valves: 2 two-way and 1 three-way.
  • Internally there is a mains filter.
  • Each group is autonomous for energy saving
  • C14 socket (removable 90 ° shuko power cable)
  • 5 liter tank
  • Manometer
  • Possibility to adjust the doses electronically with VOLUMETRIC sensor
  • 7 adjustable temperature levels
  • Possibility to activate / deactivate the pre-infusion
  • Possibility to adjust the duration of the energy saving: 25 min - 4 h - 8 h - deactivated
  • Dimensions approx 55 cm (width) x 45 (depth) x 40 (height) - Net weight 28 kg

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Thanks to the collaboration of SMF Coffee with REIKA srl, OCS SENZA PENSIERI is born from today you can monitor the consumption of your machines through an innovative system.

A real integrated system for managing its business, which allows the Manager to constantly monitor its business.
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